Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sports Kit

Well, I finally have had time to do a kit. It's not much and not to creative, but it did take a while to do. Everything is "mouse" drawn by me. I hope you all can find a use for it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Anything I offer on here as a freebie is just that.
MOST will be PERSONAL USE. I will post a few items that you can use commercially.
DO NOT include my works in ANY scrap kits you may put together.
If posting my items within a group link back to my blog.
ANYTHING I make and post are my own works. Any similarities to other works is merely coincidence.
If you have more questions about the use of my items PLEASE email me. deesknickknackshop@gmail.com

Things to come...

Well, since we have the house now, I will no longer be using this space to promote my journey, well for the most part. I have decided to turn it back over to the main reason for starting this blog.

In the days and weeks to come, I will start posting digital scrap kits, and other things of my creation. I will also be posting samples of things that will be offered on my morphsbydee site. Digital scrap kits and graphics that I will be selling. Naturally, I will be offering freebies on here quiet often. The amount of time it takes me to create something will distinguish between free items and pay to use items.

I will also be leaving the donation button. This button is there ONLY for those who would like to leave a donation. I don't require anything other then a nice thank you in the comment box for the item you download. The button is merely there and used to help make sure my programs are up to date so that I can offer you more pieces to work with. Please DO NOT feel obligated to use it.

Once and a while there will be artists who also will offer freebies and such and I will post their links and such AS PER their terms of use. I do ask that you claim none of my work OR their work as your own as that IS plagiarism. A lot of times artists WILL find out about it and WILL take legal action. I suggest that covering your basis and giving credit where it is due.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's been a few days UPDATE

Well, this has been one tiring experience. I have worked until I am honestly having nightmares about things happening in that house. I know it's probably only because of being there so much and working so hard. I'm honestly getting tired of seeing for a while. Thankfully today is my break from it. However, I think I would rather be working there instead of here. I have fallen behind on so much online work. Past due items, bills, and such. I don't know that I will ever get caught up. My graphics is the main thing that has taken a blow from this move. I haven't been able to work on any of them, a lot of which are PAST DUE. I hate doing that to my clients, hopefully, most of them understand the delay.

As for the work on the house, everything is pretty much ready for the new carpet. I like one little section on the living room wall to put border and the living room will be ready. The bathroom is completely painted and so is the kitchen and the kids room. Our bedroom is the only room that isn't even started, BUT, since it has to be papered, I am going to leave it until I can find paper that I like that is cheap and then I will get it put up.

The kids went back to school Thursday, so it has allowed me a bit more time to work and finish up on things that I need to finish. I'm just so excited to see everything done.

Monday, August 3, 2009

MEN!!! I can't down ALL men, BUT, I can say that my ex is the scum of the earth. He is one of those "convenient" fathers. You know the ones who ONLY want the kids when it's convenient for him? Or, then you have the ones who think that they can do what they want and get away with it.

For instance, he was caught once for theft and drugs. Well, He spent only a few short weekends in jail for that one, yes I said weekends. They let me off through the week so he could work. Or so he says. He has yet to be caught with the kids out of seatbelts (still not sure how that happens). And and lets not forget he draws 500+ in unemployment, but only pays 98/two weeks. Now that's alot compared to some, BUT, I can't even get my kids what all they need with that.

David is even stepping up and taking up slack were Jamie is lacking. He spends all his paycheck to make sure they have what they need(that we can afford) and so we have a little to take them fishing or to the park.

Now what got me stirred today was the fact that I told Jamie Saturday to get the kids new shoes and backpacks because I had all the rest (barely). He brings Nickie (the middle one) to open house at school, with USED shoes. Now, if he couldn't afford it I could understand BUT, he has NO bills, and even after child support is removed, he still gets 500+. He puts this little rust bucket that he swears he is going to fix in front of what his kids need. What kind of man is that? Well, it's not much of one. It's always been another woman or a vehicle that came between him and his kids, even when we were still married.


Going smooth and she starts again.

Well, apparently, my mom thinks that if you work you can't be a good mom. Also, apparently, if you take naps, your not a good mom or something. That was thrown in my face this morning already. Apparently since I work late on my graphics (to keep from bumming them for money), and I have laid down ON THE COUCH WHERE THE KIDS ARE to take a nap I am not being a good mommy. HMMM so does that mean that if I get a job once my car is fixed, I'm a bad mommy? I didn't realize that working to supply a little money here and there was a bad thing to do. She threw up to me how "I didn't work when you all were growing up!" I'm so excited to get moved so I don't have to listen to her and her constant complaining. Plus, I know I won't have to see them hardly at all, because they won't come around my house. Well, unless I'm cooking for them. How does she expect people to make it now days on one job of minimum wage? They can do it without her working because honestly, she takes the money out of the business and spends it. That could be the reason they never have the money to run the business. I can't wait to get out of here!!!!!!!!

I told David that it looks like I'm going to be locked up before we get out. I was hoping we could be out by next week, but that's getting slimmer and slimmer. The electric company charged me $250 last time I had electric turned on. And with rates going up I'm sure that did too. I have done some calling around to try to get help getting it on, but like with everything else, the funds are low. I'm getting to a point that I hate good news because it's only followed up with bad news, or someone causing trouble.

A friend suggested that I put my cards on Ebay and sell them that way. Not sure how that would go over since you have to pay the listing fees and such. Oh well, it's just something I suppose I will have to risk. Got to do something to prove that my work on here is just as important as an outside job, since I can't drive to a job right now. When will she open her eyes and see that I am doing the best I can and stop acting like I'm not or what I do is not good enough.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Slowly moving forward.

What a past few days this has been. We wondered about finding a place for so long that I didn't think of all the prep work to go into moving.

We (mom and I can u believe that?) painted two of the rooms today. We were going to initially wait until we got the rent paid due to having no funds to get the paint plus pay the first months rent. Then this morning he called and said for us to go to a little local home supply store and get the paint we wanted and charge it to his rental account there. WOW, how nice of him, since we had offered to paint it out of our pocket once we had made rent. So anyways, we go to get the items needed to do the paint job, and the man at the store GAVE us two gallons of paint, and a pint of paint. Just gave them to use. He charged for the supplies needed to paint though. So, I sign the bill slip and off I go.

We spent about 3 hours painting two rooms. The living room was the hardest because we did the top of the wall cream and the bottom a dark green. Now to find a really nice border to up in between them. Then while painting the living room mom found another gallon of paint in the kitchen that hadn't been used. It was the prettiest shade of creamy yellow I have seen. So, we went ahead and painted the bathroom with it. I'm going to trim the bathroom with green. The kitchen we are just going to paint the cabinets because I DON'T want to fight with painting the paneling in the kitchen. All in all, it has been a decent day. The house if pretty much ready for him to put down the new carpet other then a few touch-ups we have to finish this weekend. So move in might be a little closer then first expected. I'm getting SO excited!!!

Now off I got to work on some new graphics to replace the ones I lost in the computer crash. Hope everyone is having an awesome evening and night.

God Bless!