Monday, August 3, 2009

MEN!!! I can't down ALL men, BUT, I can say that my ex is the scum of the earth. He is one of those "convenient" fathers. You know the ones who ONLY want the kids when it's convenient for him? Or, then you have the ones who think that they can do what they want and get away with it.

For instance, he was caught once for theft and drugs. Well, He spent only a few short weekends in jail for that one, yes I said weekends. They let me off through the week so he could work. Or so he says. He has yet to be caught with the kids out of seatbelts (still not sure how that happens). And and lets not forget he draws 500+ in unemployment, but only pays 98/two weeks. Now that's alot compared to some, BUT, I can't even get my kids what all they need with that.

David is even stepping up and taking up slack were Jamie is lacking. He spends all his paycheck to make sure they have what they need(that we can afford) and so we have a little to take them fishing or to the park.

Now what got me stirred today was the fact that I told Jamie Saturday to get the kids new shoes and backpacks because I had all the rest (barely). He brings Nickie (the middle one) to open house at school, with USED shoes. Now, if he couldn't afford it I could understand BUT, he has NO bills, and even after child support is removed, he still gets 500+. He puts this little rust bucket that he swears he is going to fix in front of what his kids need. What kind of man is that? Well, it's not much of one. It's always been another woman or a vehicle that came between him and his kids, even when we were still married.


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