Monday, August 3, 2009

Going smooth and she starts again.

Well, apparently, my mom thinks that if you work you can't be a good mom. Also, apparently, if you take naps, your not a good mom or something. That was thrown in my face this morning already. Apparently since I work late on my graphics (to keep from bumming them for money), and I have laid down ON THE COUCH WHERE THE KIDS ARE to take a nap I am not being a good mommy. HMMM so does that mean that if I get a job once my car is fixed, I'm a bad mommy? I didn't realize that working to supply a little money here and there was a bad thing to do. She threw up to me how "I didn't work when you all were growing up!" I'm so excited to get moved so I don't have to listen to her and her constant complaining. Plus, I know I won't have to see them hardly at all, because they won't come around my house. Well, unless I'm cooking for them. How does she expect people to make it now days on one job of minimum wage? They can do it without her working because honestly, she takes the money out of the business and spends it. That could be the reason they never have the money to run the business. I can't wait to get out of here!!!!!!!!

I told David that it looks like I'm going to be locked up before we get out. I was hoping we could be out by next week, but that's getting slimmer and slimmer. The electric company charged me $250 last time I had electric turned on. And with rates going up I'm sure that did too. I have done some calling around to try to get help getting it on, but like with everything else, the funds are low. I'm getting to a point that I hate good news because it's only followed up with bad news, or someone causing trouble.

A friend suggested that I put my cards on Ebay and sell them that way. Not sure how that would go over since you have to pay the listing fees and such. Oh well, it's just something I suppose I will have to risk. Got to do something to prove that my work on here is just as important as an outside job, since I can't drive to a job right now. When will she open her eyes and see that I am doing the best I can and stop acting like I'm not or what I do is not good enough.

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