Thursday, July 30, 2009

Slowly moving forward.

What a past few days this has been. We wondered about finding a place for so long that I didn't think of all the prep work to go into moving.

We (mom and I can u believe that?) painted two of the rooms today. We were going to initially wait until we got the rent paid due to having no funds to get the paint plus pay the first months rent. Then this morning he called and said for us to go to a little local home supply store and get the paint we wanted and charge it to his rental account there. WOW, how nice of him, since we had offered to paint it out of our pocket once we had made rent. So anyways, we go to get the items needed to do the paint job, and the man at the store GAVE us two gallons of paint, and a pint of paint. Just gave them to use. He charged for the supplies needed to paint though. So, I sign the bill slip and off I go.

We spent about 3 hours painting two rooms. The living room was the hardest because we did the top of the wall cream and the bottom a dark green. Now to find a really nice border to up in between them. Then while painting the living room mom found another gallon of paint in the kitchen that hadn't been used. It was the prettiest shade of creamy yellow I have seen. So, we went ahead and painted the bathroom with it. I'm going to trim the bathroom with green. The kitchen we are just going to paint the cabinets because I DON'T want to fight with painting the paneling in the kitchen. All in all, it has been a decent day. The house if pretty much ready for him to put down the new carpet other then a few touch-ups we have to finish this weekend. So move in might be a little closer then first expected. I'm getting SO excited!!!

Now off I got to work on some new graphics to replace the ones I lost in the computer crash. Hope everyone is having an awesome evening and night.

God Bless!

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