Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's been a few days UPDATE

Well, this has been one tiring experience. I have worked until I am honestly having nightmares about things happening in that house. I know it's probably only because of being there so much and working so hard. I'm honestly getting tired of seeing for a while. Thankfully today is my break from it. However, I think I would rather be working there instead of here. I have fallen behind on so much online work. Past due items, bills, and such. I don't know that I will ever get caught up. My graphics is the main thing that has taken a blow from this move. I haven't been able to work on any of them, a lot of which are PAST DUE. I hate doing that to my clients, hopefully, most of them understand the delay.

As for the work on the house, everything is pretty much ready for the new carpet. I like one little section on the living room wall to put border and the living room will be ready. The bathroom is completely painted and so is the kitchen and the kids room. Our bedroom is the only room that isn't even started, BUT, since it has to be papered, I am going to leave it until I can find paper that I like that is cheap and then I will get it put up.

The kids went back to school Thursday, so it has allowed me a bit more time to work and finish up on things that I need to finish. I'm just so excited to see everything done.

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