Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things to come...

Well, since we have the house now, I will no longer be using this space to promote my journey, well for the most part. I have decided to turn it back over to the main reason for starting this blog.

In the days and weeks to come, I will start posting digital scrap kits, and other things of my creation. I will also be posting samples of things that will be offered on my morphsbydee site. Digital scrap kits and graphics that I will be selling. Naturally, I will be offering freebies on here quiet often. The amount of time it takes me to create something will distinguish between free items and pay to use items.

I will also be leaving the donation button. This button is there ONLY for those who would like to leave a donation. I don't require anything other then a nice thank you in the comment box for the item you download. The button is merely there and used to help make sure my programs are up to date so that I can offer you more pieces to work with. Please DO NOT feel obligated to use it.

Once and a while there will be artists who also will offer freebies and such and I will post their links and such AS PER their terms of use. I do ask that you claim none of my work OR their work as your own as that IS plagiarism. A lot of times artists WILL find out about it and WILL take legal action. I suggest that covering your basis and giving credit where it is due.

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