Monday, July 13, 2009

What more can I take?

UGH, well, I was in hopes that things would be going up, but seems like every turn has another let down.

David (my hubby) has "issues" I think, he is bi-polar, but his doc thinks it's anti something, can't remember what he called it. Anyways, he lets me know tonight that he doesn't feel the meds are working. They were at one point in time, but with all the arguing lately, he says there are days he just wants to die. I HAD NO CLUE! He says that sometimes he just wants to let the wheel of the car go and hopes not to make it. This naturally breaks my heart because here I sit in a sea of tears all the time with stress and everything, but I wouldn't dare speak that to him. This place is going to destroy my marriage! He says if we could get out on the weekends and have fun it wouldn't be this bad, BUT, to do that means no saving for a house WHICH we need. I hate this! I shouldn't be made to choose between my husband's "sanity" and all this crap falling around me....

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