Sunday, July 12, 2009

Looking up and down...

Well, life seems to be making fun of me. For instance today, David comes across an ad for a FREE trailer, granted it needed work, but still it was FREE! Catch was it needed moved, plus tires so that it could be moved. Well, if I had a place to set it, and the money to move it and tires so that it COULD be moved, I would have had a free home.

On a bright side, I have been able to be out of this place for a couple days. Friday, my Aunt Steph came to pick me up and took me to pay bills and such, then we spent the rest of the afternoon at her house to keep me from coming back here. Now, you may wonder "why didn't you go with your mom since she goes out the same time?" A very simple answer really. She decided, that she wanted to "rush" to town that morning, now, she does this EVERY FRIDAY, YET, when we leave she talks to EVERYONE she sees, without rushing... So, I asked why and explained how she does EVERY FRIDAY MORNING, and she get ticked like no other, then throws up (yet again) "two families can't live in one house without some fighting" DO WHAT? Two families could, IF the first family offered the same respect that they DEMAND the second family to show to them. She does this EVERY DAY, KNOWING that I can't afford the deposit on a place (IF we could find one big enough for 5 people to live in). Child Protection has already told me that we MUST have a 3 bedroom home. Which I understand because I do not think my older two NEED to be living in the same room being that SHE is 9 and HE is 7. NOT a good idea since those ages are the starting of "curiosity".

I realize that everyone is in a tight spot finacially right now, but, I also want my kids to be in a stable enviroment. They don't worry about little things like toys and such, but they constantly ask "why can't everyone get along". They don't understand the respect issue or rather the lack of from one side of this.

Anyways, I guess I'll stop here, this whole topic has me utterly depressed and hard to type and cry ya know? But, If I can be of assistance with anything please ask me. I'll figure out some way to help out.

OH, and before I forget, Thanks for those who are doing their best to help me. It means more then you will ever know. And for those who aren't, I understand!

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  1. I am keeping you in my prayers Dlatha. Things will get better. Just keep the faith. I have added your links to both of my blogs.
    I have also added your blog here to my blog list on both and will be adding it to the blogging group on Miracle Momas.
    Keep the faith girl. It will get better.