Monday, July 13, 2009

MAYBE a ray of light, but it's VERY SMALL

I spoke with my granny today, she has a spot behind her house that she says I can put a trailer on IF I can get one... OK, well that was the ray of light. Then right into a brick wall I go. Funny, how things look like they would be working out but not actually be doing that. The brick wall is the fact that to do that, we have to get dozer work done, ON TOP, of the whole finding a trailer, getting it moved, putting in a septic tank, hooking up electric, and all the other stuff that needs done to move into one. OH, and lets not forget talking to the guy who owns the hill behind mama that the road would have to travel up. So, to do it this way I have to raise A LOT of money, and with this economy, that's quiet the challenge.

Then today, David has to go back to the doctor, and found out that he is going to have to have a lot of blood work, stress tests and chest x-rays done. LOL, my life sounds like a bad story book. Once I think I can see the top, here comes the clouds again....

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