Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Moment of Thank You's

This is long over due but there are a few people who really need to be talked about in a "THANK YOU" post.

I hate to list any names because everyone has been just as helpful as another...

Lets start off with Summer. She has taken time to talk to me, built a site which will help other WAHM's in need, and as of right now hold the story of where I started up to this point. She is also running a raffle to help with my "home fund" and has be an awesome friend. Sorry Summer if you didn't want that let out of the bag.

Next up has to be my "donater" if there is even a word such as that. I have yet to figure out who she was or is, but, she has thought enough of my family and myself to make a donation to help us out. She didn't have to do this and has in no way shape fashion or form (As with Summer) asked for any gratification for her acts of kindness.

Then there is my Avon upline Lorraine. She has been such wonderful support to me. Not only on the business end but with my life. She has offered a product for sale where proceeds go to this fund also. She also has not asked for gratification of any sort.

Ronda has also offer a item up to help with this fund. She too has been a shoulder for me and asks for nothing in return. I am grateful to have her as a friend.

My friend Amy also needs to be thanked. She is being supportive by being another shoulder for me to run to. So many things that I hate to talk to anyone about, I go to Amy with. She is a hard worker and a very good friend.

All of the followers of this blog deserve a big Thank you also. It keeps me motivated to do my updates, and keep my faith that things will work themselves out, to know that I have people who care enough to want to know how things are going.

I'm sure I am forgetting someone very important and if I have please let me know. You deserve all the praises of these ladies too. It's supporters like you ladies that help others get through the tough times. I can never repay the debt of gratitude that I have for each of you. Just when a person thinks they have given all the love they have, somewhere fom deep in the bottomless pits of their heart is more love to give to those friends to believe in you. You all are like part of my family and are truly my gifts from God. I pray that he returns all of your gifts many times over because you ladies deserve it.

I love you all very much, and I hope that one day I will be able to return this favor to you in some way.


  1. Dee,

    Thank you for the thanks. Just knowing you and the wonderful person that you are is thanks enough.
    It is an honor to know you and if there is even a tiny thing that I can do to help, you know I will. I am sure that all the other wonderful women you know feel the same way.
    Keep your head up high and stay positive. This too shall pass.


  2. Thanks Dee! You really deserve wayyy better than you have been getting and your story has REALLY touched my heart! I am glad to help you as much as I can!