Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Bath...

UGH, I just wanted a bath was that to much to ask that everyone get theirs while the kids were awake so that I could get one when they laid down? Since no one is willing to help me with them (well without complaining if they do something) then why not do what they need to do BEFORE the kids go to bed so that I can do my thing after they are asleep? I'll tell you why...there is a 16 yr old "ME ME ME" that lives here and doesn't care what anyone else needs or wants. I'm so tired of going to be "stinky" and having to wake up stinky before I can get a bath. I really would like to get a bath BEFORE bed and one the next morning. Unlike mom, I enjoy more then a "hygiene" bath. I want and ACTUAL bath EVERY day. UGH, 8 people can not use ONE (yes you read right) bathroom.

As for the comment of "well without complaining about something they did" about the kids and them watching them for me. If I leave them for 5 minutes and the kids do something you better believe when I walk in the door I'll hear it. All I can say is "your the grandparents, If you can't make them mind while I'm gone, then don't complain when they do stuff." It's not like I can watch them if I'm not right there when they are doing things. Apparently, they think I can watch the kids and not be at home...hmmmmmm what a concept of thinking they have.

Today, Courtney (the ME ME ME girl) said something about the internet and I was like well thank you very much, I had been paying it. She comes back with "mom says you don't". WHAT!?!?!?!?! I have give them money for it and the electric every month that David has been working. How does she get off telling people I don't pay stuff or help them out. Hello, if I wasn't helping them out I could afford a home and wouldn't have to look like a big bum trying to raise money to get a home. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the nerve some people have.

When David got home he must have saw the stress because he said that if he had to walk me to the river we were getting out and going fishing. It helps us both relax. My Uncle Winston (who is a preacher and my best friend) is going with us, so we won't have to be out more then 1/4 gallon of gas to get there. Plus a close family friend is going, and supposedly, they are bringing everything but fishing poles for us. It will feel good to get away from here for a while where I don't have this stress and aggravation.

I also noted today that my ankles and legs are starting to swell some. A nurse friend said that stress will do that to ya. LOL, that has to be it. I don't have anything else bothering me, but who knows, I told her that if it didn't go down by Monday I would get it checked out.

Anyways, that's the gist of my day, hope everyone else is having a great day/night!

Hugs and Love till next time!

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