Saturday, July 18, 2009


What a night. My Uncle, 2 cousin(distant), David(hubby), MaKaliah(my baby), and I all went down to the river last night. It's my escape from here on the weekends lately. Seems to be the only option we have left lately that's not going to cost us money. Anyways, we had a blast (as always). We don't really do much "fishing" but of course my uncle says that if we were suppose to catch anything it would be called "catching" not Anyways we had a good time.

We got a few bites, but it doesn't seem that we are able to land the fish that are biting. I told them that the just don't like our

It got pretty chilly last night, so I got to watch David and my cousins being silly trying to build a campfire. Of course I was wrapped up in a sleeping back in a reclining foldout chair so sleep came before I could see how much fun they really had to keep it going. It had rained earlier so they were using anything flamable to keep it buring. With that bunch it probably wasn't the smartest thing to fall asleep around, but oh well we had fun!!

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