Monday, July 20, 2009

The latest on everything

Good morning my lovely followers!

Today, I'm hoping, will be the day I find a place. I'm hoping that we can get an apartment in town. A friend that lives in another set close to these said that she THINKS, that a family just moved out of one of the 3-4 bedroom ones (yes another set here that has them). I had searched trying to find out about another set like that, but kept being told there wasn't any! So, today will be filled with calling this place all day if that's what it takes. I'm not sure what days the Manager is in, but hopefully I can catch her today to find out. Send a few prayers my way that there will be one open and I can get it!

As for the front here at this place. Things have chilled out a little. The pushing has eased a bit, but the little "brat" that gets the other trouble started is still showing herself. She is upset because mom and dad are not giving her their FULL attention and she is having to share it with my children (their grand children) I WOULDN'T give to her in her shoes. I would hate to want that much attention all the time. It's crazy to watch her...

Anyways thought I would pop in and give an update!!

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