Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some people.

Well, well, if it isn't my family being rude, or people on here begging for money for bills they shouldn't have gotten knowing (in most cases) that it was going to stretch their budgets to far, it's the landlords of places that I COULD possibly find my kids a home.

I have called my last resort.........APARTMENTS, I had hoped it wouldn't have to come down to this again, but seeing as how, I was informed of some that are local (down town) that MAY have a 3-4 bedroom apt open, I figured that was the best move. Still not sure how I will get that deposit and make the rent each month, BUT, anything beats here. I'm tired of no privacy, my kids taking the blame for everything, and me being dogged when someone gets mad. Anywho, I have called this apartment complex for the last 8 days. NO ANSWER either time I have called. It hasn't matter what time of day I call or anything. No one knows how to get in contact with the lady over them or anything other than the office number listed in the phone book.

Mom just came in to inform me that the apartments I am looking for are suppose to be undergoing a police watch for a drug dealer, well, what about that? I find a place and SOMEONE knocks it out. UGH, am I doomed to live her forever?

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