Saturday, July 25, 2009

Enough already.

Well, what about that, just when I think that things may be turning around, I take another fall, or two.

First, Friday I turn in my Avon order, thinking that payments had been accepted, but apparently the almost $45 bill WASN'T paid like I thought, and the card I paid it with was a child support card, money is there, BUT, the card is NOT working. Customer service nor I can figure out why. So, I go on to use the card somewhere else, NOTHING worked. AHHHHHHHHH. THEN, I come in Friday evening to do finalization of the computer shut down so we could go camping yet again this weekend and you'll never guess. MY SYSTEM CRASHED. EVERYTHING was lost, pictures, and everything. There goes my business. It seems that things will never get fixed.

Then, my lovely parents came home talking about places for rent. PLACES that I have currently already been checking on. I asked them if they were going to pay the deposit and such on it. Plus, the electric hook up and water and all. Naturally, they aren't going to. She went ahead and made an appointment to talk to a guy about one place, BEFORE asking me if I could afford all that or even if I was able to go at that time.

UGH, I just want a bit of good news for once!!!

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